1 large bulb Fennels, thinly sliced


mashed in

Sprinkle wiht

Meaty oyster mushrooms

Layer 3 good handfulls of oyster mushrooms in a pan, adding oil and BBQ seasonsing between each layer.

To cook, heat a cast iron pan to medium level, then add another pan on top to weight the thing down.

Fry until all the liquid is evaporated. After around 10 mins, turn over.

Careful not to burn it.

BBQ seasoning

This is one of my favourite eggplant side dishes. It’s kind of a luke-warm egg plant salad. This is based on one Maangchi’s recipes, I highly recommend you check her out, she’s an amazing cook!


until soft (the eggplant should be all translucent).

In the meantime mix

for the dressing


Marcel Britsch

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